The Serpent Collection

Discover a brand new collection that’s exclusive to Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery
and inspired by our master goldsmith’s passion for the Clash of the Titans. 

The Story Behind our Serpent Rings

In Greek mythology, the brave Perseus must venture into the lair of a beautiful but fearsome Gorgon to save his beloved Princess Andromeda. The challenge he faces is insurmountable, because to look directly at the winged monster is to turn to stone forever. This legendary story has been told and retold over the centuries, but it’s the Gorgon we remember most. She was cursed by the Goddess Athena to live as a mortal hybrid with serpents in place of her once-beautiful hair. Today, she’s known as Medusa, and she’s a character that our master goldsmith Rob is continually inspired by. 

For the Love of Cinema

Rob’s fascination started with the Clash of the Titans and the way this iconic 1981 film retold the Perseus and Medusa story as an epic fight between good and evil. Some years later, when Rob was at a tattoo exhibition in New York, he was drawn to a painting of Medusa that was on display. Rather than let the moment pass him by, he decided to have the same reimagining of Medusa tattooed on his arm. 

The Serpent Collection

Today, Rob continues to be inspired by Greek myths and the balance of fierceness and beauty that’s inherent in the story of Medusa. His latest ring design – the Serpent – captures the movement of a two-headed snake coiled around the finger with diamonds and pear-shaped coloured gemstones in gold. Each piece is Rob’s refined take on the serpent motif that’s been used in jewellery for hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

“Medusa is such an iconic image, so I’ve spent many months designing the perfect ring that has the serpent shape, but with an elegant and creative aesthetic that’s very contemporary. The result is my collection of Serpent rings and I hope you enjoy the balance of diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals and feel reminded of the great mythology that surrounds us and the film that’s inspired my design journey,”
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

Our Serpent Rings

Just like our iconic Pyramid Rings, new Serpent Rings will be regularly added to our collection or made bespoke to suit your exact requirements. Choose from beautiful deep pink amaranth rhodolite garnet or vibrantgreen tsavorite garnet, which is one of Rob’s favourite gemstones.

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