Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our laboratory-grown diamond jewellery is handmade with the same skill and attention to detail as our natural diamond and gemstone jewellery. For engagement rings with a larger carat weight at a more accessible price, speak to our bespoke jewellery team about lab-grown diamond jewellery, including solitaire, trilogy and halo designs. All our laboratory-grown diamonds are ethically and responsibly sourced from a leading international expert. Speak to our Chislehurst jewellery team to find out more.

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The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Oval Trilogy Ring

Price £3,400.00

If you are looking for a significantly sized diamond engagement ring or right-hand ring for a more affordable price, then you need to consider laboratory-grown diamonds. 

Our laboratory-grown diamond oval trilogy ring is beautifully classic with a central oval-shaped laboratory-created diamond of 0.78 carats, flanked by two round laboratory-grown diamonds of 0.52 carats. These stones have been certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) for complete authenticity and peace of mind. 

The Laboratory-Grown Round Diamond Ring with Talon Claw Setting

Price £4,600.00

This beautiful laboratory-grown round diamond ring is one of the most recent pieces to emerge from our Chislehurst-based jewellery workshop. It’s set with a lab-grown diamond to ensure you get maximum sparkle for your money, surrounded by lab-grown diamond-set shoulders for extra fire and brilliance. All these stones are set in bright, white platinum for the perfect finishing touch.