Glorious in Green: Tsavorite Garnet

Discover the vibrant green of tsavorite garnet and the bespoke pieces we’ve created to celebrate this fabulous gem.

The Story Behind Our Tsavorite Garnet Jewellery

Our most showstopping bespoke jewellery pieces start with coloured gemstones that make us stop and take notice. One of our heroes is vibrant green tsavorite garnet, which is why you will find lots of bespoke tsavorite garnet jewellery pieces in our Chislehurst store. 

In the ancient world of gemstones and fine jewellery making, tsavorite garnet are a youthful new player on the scene. It was first unearthed in Tanzania in 1967 and this new gemstone discovery introduced the world to a worthy competitor to emeralds for the very first time. 

To avoid any confusion with tanzanite, another of Tanzania’s beautiful gemstones, tsavorite garnet was named after the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Today, it’s found in Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar, with much smaller deposits in Pakistan and Antarctica. 

"Tsavorite garnet is one of the gemstones that really inspires me to be creative. Recently, I have created a special selection of tsavorite garnet rings that use the finest cut gemstones with the most vibrant green colour."
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

Our Tsavorite Garnet Jewellery

Our tsavorite garnet jewellery is handmade by our master goldsmith Rob. Tsavorite garnet gemstones really sing in yellow gold and rose gold settings. Plus, they are suitable for special occasion jewellery and daily wear jewellery, like engagement rings, stud earrings and pendants. 

Bespoke tsavorite garnet jewellery designs pop-up in our workshop throughout the year, but we also have a range of handmade tsavorite garnet rings that are ready to buy. Each piece is designed by Rob and sized to fit you at the checkout. You can take a look at the finished pieces and loose gemstones that are available to purchase on our website

Get to Know Garnet

What’s so special about garnets is their variety. There are loads of garnet types and a range of colours to choose from. The most well-known is deep red, which is showcased to perfection in our Garnet and Gold Pyramid Ring. There’s also rhodolite garnet, which has a gorgeous pinky-red to purple colour that can be seen in all its glory in these Rhodolite Garnet and Pearl Earring

Pyrope and almandine garnets range in colour from purple to orangey red, whereas spessartite garnet is found in a variety of orange shades that mimic the sunsets you’ll see on tropical islands. Another variation is andradite garnets, which have a yellow to yellow-ish green shade range. You may also have heard of demantoid garnet, which is a type of andradite garnet with a stunning green colour. 

The Rhodolite Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Our master goldsmith Rob waited patiently for the perfect pairs of rhodolite garnets and freshwater pearls to bring these earrings to fruition. 

Garnet and Gold Pyramid Ring

The iconic Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery Pyramid Ring is one of our most beloved cocktail ring designs. We love the fact it can be endlessly reinterpreted with fresh combinations of precious metals and coloured gemstones. 

Tsavorite garnets are in the grossular garnet category and these have the widest colour range of any species of garnet, ranging from colourless and pale yellow to deep green. 

What makes tsavorite garnets green is traces of the elements vanadium and chromium. These elements also play a role in the colour of emeralds, but what makes tsavorite garnets different is their hardness, suitability for everyday wear and lack of inclusions. This makes them a fantastic choice for pendants, earrings and engagement rings.  

Don’t forget, garnets are the birthstone for the month of January. 

Enquire about Bespoke Jewellery

If you would like a special piece of tsavorite garnet jewellery to add to your collection, just get in touch with our bespoke design team.