Ring Sizing Tool

We know it is a big decision to purchase a piece of fine jewellery online. To boost your confidence, we offer our prospective customers a ring sizing tool to help you know exactly what size to request. 

How does the ring sizing tool work?

If you’ve spotted a handmade ring you love on our online shop, you may be wondering what ring size to order. We ask you to tell us your ring size at checkout… but what if you don’t know? 

Ring sizes are based on letters of the alphabet and they refer to the size of the internal circumference of the ring. Our ring sizing tool simply wraps around the finger and helps to establish your ring size as accurately as possible. It works a little bit like a belt and it is printed with the standard ring sizes A to Z on one side. 

All you do is push the end of the sizer through the ‘buckle’ to form a ring shape. Slip it on your finger and pull it to adjust until you have a comfortable fit. Your finger size is whichever letter the arrow on the ‘buckle’ is pointing to.

We can’t guarantee that the tool is 100% accurate, but it is a much better solution to simply guessing your size. Plus, we can support you every step of the way if you ring needs professional resizing in our Chislehurst jewellery workshop. 

Request your ring sizing tool

Email us on [email protected] with the subject line ‘Ring Sizer Tool’ and we will get back to you. In your email, please let us know which piece you’ve seen online that interests you – we can then offer specific advice about the fit of the piece and the width of the band, which can affect how tight a ring feels on your finger.  

We will then post your ring sizer tool to you.

If in doubt, telephone us on 020 8467 5862 or stop by our Chislehurst boutique to pick up your ring sizing tool in-store. 

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