Ear Piercing

Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery now offers ear piercing services by our trained ear piercing experts.

Ear Piercing from leading Bespoke Jewellers in Chislehurst in UK...

Expert Master Jeweller Robert Bicknell is now offering customers the opportunity to get their ear piercing from our South London Jewellery Boutique in Chislehurst. A unique experience, Robert works on creating his beautiful bespoke jewellery pieces live in his workshop, in front of customers. Now Robert is opening up his doors to customers looking for ear piercing with our in-house trained experts - so you can enjoy having your ears pierced whilst watching a master craftsman at work.

Expert Ear Piercing With First-Class Aftercare Solutions

Robert Bicknell's expert ear piercing specialists use medical grade piercing instruments to guarantee a safer and cleaner, surgically honed piercing.  All our piercings come with a set of standard earrings in a metal of your choice. 

Guns shoot a blunt, thick piercing stud through the ear using a spring/ trigger action. This is where it can damage/shatter the cartilage and cause discomfort to the lobe, therefore in many areas across the world guns have been banned from piercing.

Our Inverness Piercing Instrument is a Medical Grade 1 device which pierces the ear with a surgical honed piercing point, this allows the piercing to be very similar to a needle piercing and very safe. It will not shatter the cartilage and cause damage to the ear.

Using the Inverness Instrument our expert piercing team can provide a number of different piercings, whether you want your ears pierced, your nose or other areas such as the cartilage on the upper ear.

All customers will be offered a range of earrings or studs with their piercing and in addition customers can select from our range of our unique, one-of-a-kind handmade earrings - created by Master Goldsmith Robert Bicknell.

Getting a Piercing Couldn't Be Simpler

Using the inverness technique our ear piercing is as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. First we cleanse the ear to make sure your piercing is clean and reduces the chance of infection

2. Then we mark the ear to pinpoint exactly where the piercing will be made.

3. Finally we use the Inverness Instrument to complete the piercing.

Once your ears are pierced you have an option of a range of earrings in gold, stainless steel or titanium and with a variation of beautiful stones.

A Choice of Earrings, Studs and One-Off Handmade Pieces

As part of your piercing you can choose a from a selection of CZ or Diamond Earrings in a range of metals from 18ct - 9ct Gold, Titanium or Stainless Steel.

In addition Robert Bicknell offers a range of unique handmade earrings custom-built in our Chislehurst Jewellery Workshop. 

Pricing & Booking

All our prices are simple and transparent so you know what you are getting before your turn up for your appointment. 

18ct Gold - £100

14ct gold - £80 for non-diamond earrings

14ct gold - £250 for diamond earrings

9ct gold - £70.00

24ct gold plated - £60

Titanium - £50

Medial Grade stainless steel - £50

Nose Piercing - Starts from £60

Extra Ear Solution which can be used on all body piercings is £5.00
“Our new ear piercing service will allow customers to book an appointment for an ear piercing in-store and come in to have a look at the beautiful bespoke earrings we have on offer.”
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

Discover Our Beautiful Earrings

All our beautiful earrings are one-off creations, handcrafted by our Master Goldsmith Robert Bicknell. Mixing modern and traditional styles into a unique modern British bespoke jewellery brand - Robert's pieces are made with care and quality in mind. So when you get your ear piercing, why not browse our range of bespoke earring collection or ask one of our consultants for a bespoke jewellery consultation to buy something made specifically for your style.

First-Class Aftercare and Cleaning Services

As part of our ear piercing service we offer first-class aftercare, cleaning and earring backs via our partners at Lox and Connoisseurs from the Goodman Bros company.

Book An Appointment

Book an appointment with our ear piercing specialists using the book now link below or call us on 020 8467 5862 for more information