Remodelling Inherited Gold into Precious Heirlooms

Many of our customers have inherited gold jewellery from their parents, grandparents and family members that they have never worn. This was certainly the case for Susan, who brought us a selection of 18ct yellow gold earrings, rings and chains that were sitting unloved in the back of her jewellery box.

Instead of ignoring them, Susan wished to remodel the gold into two lovely 18ct yellow gold bracelets to pass down to her granddaughters. Here at Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery, we always jump at the chance of creating modern heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations to come.  


Our Chislehurst jewellery workshop is ready for whatever jewellery remodelling or bespoke jewellery challenge that comes our way! With Susan’s inherited gold jewellery, we were confident we could recycle and reuse the precious metal to create two lovely new bangles.  

While we reworked the gold, our bespoke design team were able to work with Susan to design the two bangles. We opted for two distinct bangle styles, each demonstrating different goldsmithing techniques, that could be worn together or alone.   


Take a look at this handmade diamond Both bangles are distinctive and timeless for future generations. We created a closed bangle, complete with decorative floral engraving and an open torque bangle with an infinity-style loop of warm yellow gold as its focal point. Both are perfectly special in their own way and crafted with Susan’s sentimental inherited yellow gold.  

“Gold can be sentimental and sustainable when reused and remade into something the customer will adore. Susan has told us she will wear both bangles now and then will leave them to her grandchildren. This is the sentimental power of jewellery and it is stories like these that make this job so special.”
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

What the Customer Said

Here’s what Susan had to say about working with Rob and the Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery team…

“Rob made two beautiful gold bangles that I can eventually leave to my granddaughters and be confident they would wear them. The bangles were made from chains, earrings and rings that I inherited but never wore. The end result was far beyond my expectations and I am absolutely delighted. The bangles have been well admired. I would most definitely recommend Rob and his team.”

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