Remodelling Costume Jewellery into Something Precious

Jewellery has a very sentimental place in our lives. Even costume jewellery can become a treasured item when it is loved and worn for years, if not decades. Our customer Julie presented us with a unique challenge: to create a replica of her favourite piece of costume jewellery in precious materials.

We embraced the task and presented Julie with an exact match of her much-loved ring, but this time in handcrafted 18ct white gold and lustrous pearls. Now, she can enjoy the sentimental value of the design in precious materials that will last a lifetime.  

The Finished Ring

We were immediately inspired by the uniqueness of Julie’s original costume jewellery ring. It appeared like two upturned oyster shells, complete with some delicate pearls.

We re-created the entire ring in 18ct white gold and freshwater pearls and added the engraved texture on the inside of both shells to stay true to its natural aesthetic. 

“Julie wanted to enhance the sentimental value of her favourite ring by recreating it in gold. We loved this idea and it was a great experience to create a new piece that mirrored her beloved ring. Now, Julie knows her unusual ring has just as much sentimental value as material value.”
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

What the Customer Said

Here’s what Julie had to say about working with Rob and the Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery team…

“Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery offered super service and made an amazing ring to a design I requested. They listened and responded to all my comments when viewing the prototype. I am now the proud owner of an original white gold and pearl oyster design ring. I would fully recommend this jeweller.”

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