Remodelling an Engagement Ring to Fit an Eternity Ring

Sometimes it’s not just about the perfect piece but making sure two perfect pieces fit seamlessly together. That’s the story behind this engagement ring and eternity ring set. Our customers Peter and Sam wanted to purchase a diamond-set eternity ring to sit beautifully alongside Sam’s engagement ring and wedding band, which were purchased at Tiffany & Co. 

There was a snag, though. The shape and proportions of Sam’s engagement ring meant she couldn’t have all three of her bridal jewellery pieces sitting flush and streamlined on her finger. Fortunately, our master goldsmith Rob had a solution. 

The Seven Stone Eternity Ring

The very first step in this remodelling journey was choosing the ideal eternity ring. Sam chose a seven-stone diamond eternity ring from the Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery collection, crafted in 18k white gold with 0.60 carats of round brilliant-cut stones. 

Although Sam could wear her eternity ring comfortably, it couldn’t sit flush with her engagement ring without a small gap. It was this problem that Rob knew exactly how to fix. 

The Remodelled Engagement Ring

Rob set about transforming Sam’s engagement ring by slightly changing its shape and profile on the finger, allowing it to sit comfortably with her other rings without changing anything about the design or diamonds that she loves. You might hear this process referred to as ‘Wed Fit,’ which describes the way in which two or more rings can be perfectly shaped to fit each other. 

The Perfect Pair

Once Rob had tailored Sam’s wedding ring to suit her new eternity ring, the perfect pairing could finally be brought to life. The result is a sleek and sparkling combination that looks really sophisticated on the finger. 

With our expert services, you never need compromise on your bridal jewellery. Sam could still have the eternity ring she wanted and keep her precious engagement ring and wedding band with a little bit of care and attention in our Chislehurst workshop. 

What the Customer Said

Here’s what Sam had to say about working with Rob and the Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery team…

“The eternity ring is beautiful, and my engagement ring looks amazing. I highly recommend Robert, a true craftsman.”

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