Remodelling an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

At Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery, we love working with customers to transform their heirloom jewellery or old, unwanted jewellery into something they are thrilled to wear. When Samantha stopped by our Chislehurst workshop, she had two pieces that we remodelled into a beautiful emerald cut diamond ring with a subtle Art Deco twist.  

Sometimes our customers present us with a challenge of combining two pieces into one. Samantha had a broken emerald cut diamond and platinum ring and a platinum and diamond bracelet. We were able to meld these two pieces together into a contemporary three stone diamond ring. 


Samantha’s ring had a broken shank, which could have been repaired in our workshop. Instead, she decided to take the opportunity to create a whole new design. Some customers arrive at our Chislehurst workshop with plenty of ideas, while others rely on us to take the lead. Samantha was happy to hear our ideas and rely on our jewellery remodelling expertise and diamond setting skills. 

The jewellery remodelling process always includes a discussion about budget. We reused Samantha’s emerald cut diamond and the round diamonds from her unloved bracelet to create a new piece in a sustainable and cost-effective way.


Take a look at this handmade diamond and platinum trilogy ring! The 1ct emerald cut diamond from Samantha’s old ring sits proudly in the centre, surrounded by two round brilliant cut diamonds of 0.11ct each. We opted for a curved platinum band to add a real contemporary touch to this remodelled and redesigned ring.

“This ring was a real pleasure to make. We started with a fancy cut diamond and some round brilliant diamonds – the perfect trio for a more unusual platinum dress ring. Samantha now gets to look down and see a ring she has had a hand in creating,”
Robert Bicknell
Master Goldsmith

What the Customer Said

Here’s what Samantha had to say about working with Rob and the Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery team…

“I had an emerald cut diamond with a broken platinum shank. I wanted to change a simple design into something more interesting; I had worn the ring for 16 years and was bored of the way it looked.

I took Rob a platinum and diamond bracelet that I seldom wore and within an hour we had found a solution for my new ring. It reflected the shape and style of the original bracelet, which made me feel like it was still with me, and perfectly complemented a ring I was already wearing.

The process was easy and, as I live a long way from the shop, we did everything by post. Big thank you to the team for my fabulous new ring and the repair of my diamond tennis bracelet.”

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